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Monday, 3 October 2011
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Laptop chip level service training
• laptop chip level training full day batch
basic electronics analog digital (module 1
block diagram, how work, basic problems, circuit diagram, repairing steps of
adapter, battery, lcd, inverter, hdd
ram, keyboard, touch pad, cd dvd
introduction to laptop motherboard (module 2
• define different laptop problems
• main signals of motherboard and how motherboards work with different ic list. Common laptop notebook chip. Power supply chip :- (max1632, max1904, max1634, sb3052, sc1402, ltc1628 tmp48u adp3160/adp3167 adp3168 apw7060 , etc
io chip :- (pc97338, pc87392, fdc7n869, fdc37n958, lpc47n227, lpc47n267 pc87591s/ pc 87591l / pc 97317ibw/pc 87393 vgj pc87591e etc
cpu power supply chips :- (adp3166 adp3170 adp3421 aic1567 cs5322 fan5056 itc1709 max1710/max1711/maxl712 hip6004
charge discharge control –chip :- ( max745, tc490/591 aai3680 adp3806 ds2770 ltl505g maxl645b max745 mb3878 aat3680 etc
cpu temperature control chip :- (max1617, max1020a, ad1030a, cm8500 max1989 ds1620
graphics brand :- (ati, nvidia, s3, neomagic, trident, smi, intel, fw82807, and ch7001a
ethernet chips :- (rtl8100, rtl8139, intel da82562, rc82540, 3com, bcm440 lf8423, lf-h80p, h-0023, h0024, h0019, atpl-119
sound audio chip :- (ess1921, stac9704, au8810 ,4299-jq, tpa0202 , 8552ts, 8542ts, ba7786, an12942 ad1885 alc655 apa2020/tpa0202
pc card chip :- (r5c551, r5c552, r5c476, r54472
pc card power supply chips :- (tps2205, tps2206, tps2216, tps2211, pu2211, m2562a, m2563a, m2564a
com port chip :- (max3243, max213, adm213, hin213, sp3243, mc145583
keyboard-chip :- (h8c/2471, h8/3434, h8/3431, pc87570, pc87591
keyboard chip :- ( h8/3434, h8/3437, h8/2147, h8/2149, pc87570, pc87591, h8s/xxx m38857, m38867, m38869 …
battery ic :- (bq2040 bq2060 bq24700 bq2470l bq24702/bq24703 m61040fp ,….. Memory control chip :- (cm8501/cm8501cm8562 , …
clock ic :- (cs950502 cy28404c ics9248-153 ics954218 ics9248-151 ics9248-39 ics950901, winbond,….. Lcd back light control :- (maxl522/maxl523/maxl524 oz960 ,….. Ddr memory power supply :- (max8794 ncp5201 sc1486/scl486a sc2616 tps51020 isl6520 isl6537 cm8501, isl6224 isl6225 ,…
other common chipset :- (aat3200 aat4280 ams1505 mic2545mic5205 adp3168 aicl567 cm8562 cml9738 css5322 dsl620,….. Mosfets used
crystal (14. 318 clock
connector socket(display, battery, dvdrom, modem, keypad, touchpad, onoff panel etc
fault finding and troubleshooting of motherboards
• tracing different connectors and socket with related component and chip
• testing and using of different components. • dc to dc power regulate sections
• power supply to different chips vcc core,5vsus, +1. 5v, 1. 8vsus, 5v, 10v, 2. 5v
• cpu core voltage, vid signals, vrm section, mosfet of vrm
• clock generator circuits
• bios chips section , rtc chip
• power good, reset, frame, clock, bios signals
• fault finding and troubleshooting. • how to read different component datasheet. • basic cleaning and washing method of motherbord
• smd component practice removice and inserting different components
• training using cro osciloscope
• finding fault using cro osciloscope
• use of debug card post error code. • finding fault using post debug card
• training using eeprom programmer
• bios update using eeprom programmer
• training using bga soldering station
• removing bga chips and rebolling it using reball stencil
• ics rebolling, bga ball arrangement, practice. • training using solder batch
• removing socket & connectiors using solder bath
• bios password. Ibm dell password removing steps. • searching data sheets of different ics. • common problem of different motherboards. R. S. Communicaations
laptop & mobile chip level training
no. 39, wallers road, 1st floor
mount road, chennai-2
near ritchie street
phone 044-42168980, mobile 9003122737
mail: rscommunicaations@gmail. Com